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RECP project

The approach of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to the Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) is represented as preventive integrated strategy which is in the use of the whole production cycle in order to:

  • improvement of the efficiency of feedstock, energy and water use;
  • decrease of the adverse environmental impact at the expense of reduction of waste output amount and the emission in the sites of their generation;
  • reduction of production deleterious effect on the environment in the course of its life cycle.

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Such a sequence of stages to a greater or lesser degree is realized by every enterprise. RECP program offers a system and conscious approach to their implementation as well as gives a clear explanation, how to perform each step and how to do an analysis of the received results. To do this work under the program enterprise specialists are studying UNIDO methodology to reduce the resource consumption.

Additionally the aim of the program is to change the mentality of employees of the enterprise to shift the focus to a more rational resource usage.

One of the most important issues in the implementation of cleaner production is to carry out a detailed analysis of production processes. The approach to analysis offered by UNIDO, is widely used in Western enterprises but is new for the enterprises of Ukraine. At the same time this approach allows us to assess the rationality of use of material and energy resources at the enterprise as well as the cost of unsustainable losses of production. This is accomplished by compiling detailed balance sheets of material and energy flows of technological processes.

Another distinctive feature of the analysis offered by UNIDO is its comprehensive approach to the entire enterprise as a whole.

After such an analysis the adoption of any technical solution at the enterprise becomes more professional and reasonable being based on clear quantitative calculations and long-term plans.

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