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Promoting financing


Help in raising loans for the implementation of technical solutions aimed at improving the resource efficiency of the enterprise, on the part of partners - international financial institutions .

Support in obtaining concessional financing:

  • support to establishment of interaction between the companies and international and national financial institutions for attraction of investments for implementation of technical solutions aimed at increase of energy and resource efficiency;
  • the development of business plans and investment projects aimed at increase of energy and resource efficiency and their submission for reviewing by financial partners.



As of today the Centre of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Productionhas signed the agreements on cooperation and partnershipwith a number of financial institutions:

  • International Financial Corporation (IFC) (Agreement from 22.07.2014);
  • North European Financial Corporation (NEFCO) (Agreement from 10.06 2014);
  • German-Ukrainian Fund (Agreement from 18.03.2015).

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