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Centre's Innitiatives

Issues studied by the Centre

• Do women in Ukraine encounter obstacles working in industry?

• Do women working in industry in Ukraine face any specific problems?

• Does industry need more women involved? Why or why not?

• What can help increase the number of women involved in industry and strengthen their position?

• Is it important to have a platform for discussion of common problems?

What is the problem?

• Women have always been an integral part of industrial process, but traditionally their role and contribution were paid little attention to.

• Women do not play an active role in decision-making in industry.

• Industrial buildings are usually located in regions, so that women who work there feel isolated.

• Women in industry feel lack of necessary models for themselves for a wider and more active involvement in industry.

What can be done?

• Develop initiatives aimed at increasing the number of women in technical specialties and at career development.

• Develop initiatives aimed at development of leadership skills of female students of technical specialties.

• Inspire women to open their full potential as engineers and leaders, respect their contribution and success.

• Strengthen the dynamic environment that encourages personal and professional development of students and female students of technical specialties.

• Cooperate with government to ensure better consideration of social influence of politics and decision-making.

• Encourage women to participate more actively in the development of technical sciences.

• Enhance the overall experience of women in industry and development of their careers in research and working in industry.

Examples of such initiatives in the world:






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