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Can organic waste turn into income?

контейнери підчас ЕкоФорумуThe project on organic waste processing within one neighborhood was presented at the first environmental Forum "Cities and local communities: their role in solving global environmental problems" in Lviv, November 10-11th, 2016. Vasyl Prusak is the project developer and the expert working for RECP Center. 

The project provides for organic waste processing within one neighborhood for a group of multistoried buildings. The implementation idea presupposes purchasing and installing equipment for organic waste processing at boiler house territory located in a densely populated area. Several dozens of neighboring buildings will be collecting the wastes for further delivery to the processing site. Due to project successful realization, the boiler house will produce biogas up to 20,000 m3 for hot water supply (water heating purposes). However, the project outcome is not limited only with one product, as bio-fertilizers are the by-product and will be sold for farms. The project implementation within one neighborhood covering area and that is 1,000 buildings can ensure reducing natural gas consumption by 15-18,000 m3. 

More details here: http://city-adm.lviv.ua/news/science-and-health/ecology/235487-nashe-zavdannia-buduvaty-komfortne-misto-iake-bude-pryiemnym-dlia-vsikh-meshkantsiv-iaki-u-nomu-zhyvut-andrii-sadovyi

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