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Condominiums in Lviv will save 18 thousand UAH annually if the residents start sorting wastes today

img 5099 1Vasyl Prusak, the RECP Centre expert, took part in a discussion titled "The updated strategy of waste management in Lviv: Challenges and Prospects", which held on December 23rd 2016. Having gained positive experience in managing condominiums, he shared his own ideas on how to start and establish an effective process to implement wastes recycling if the wastes are preliminary sorted.
“We can’t build a recycling plant right now, so we all need to help ourselves alone. There are 116 apartments in my condominium and I have made some calculations. If all inhabitants start sorting household garbage and collecting paper, plastic, glass and metal (at least a little) wastes in separate tanks for further recycling they can earn 600-800 UAH per month. Every year we spend 30 thousand UAH for garbage collection by municipal services. If the residents sort the garbage, they will save about 18 thousand UAH! But this scheme can start running effectively only if we learn to sort this garbage already at our own kitchen”, – V.Prusak commented.

Vasyl Prusak also reported that in the condominium where he the chairman, paper and cardboard wastes are collected twice a week during a month already. The Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centre assisted to get 3 special multiple use containers (containers are made of paper). Each Tuesday and Friday the residents collect their paper and cardboard wastes in the front yard. The key idea is – to get the residents accustomed to collect paper wastes in that special container.
Over a month the inhabitants collected 50 kg of paper wastes (1 kg costs 2,3 UAH). For the current moment the condominium chairman plans to reduce the price for garbage removal by signing a special agreement with the company as one container for paper wastes actually works for other needs – collecting and selling paper-originated wastes.
“We also plan on sorting organic wastes and this is easy to make. What we need is join together 15 houses and buy a biogas plant. Thus containers will never get filled with organic wastes as they will go to produce biogas, bio-fertilizers and biometal. Such project may cost 50 thousand USD and can be paid off in 3 years”, reported V.Prusak.
The condominium chairman concluded that for now it is important to work out several projects that enable effective sorting and recycling of wastes in the neighborhood (local level) and establish a network of recycling companies. Vasyl Prusak presented his own step-by-step scheme to recycle wastes. It starts from collecting garbage in the individual apartments and ends by selling bio-fertilizers for greenhouses owners in Lviv region.

img 5103. 1jpgRead more: http://tvoemisto.tv/news/yak_lvivyanam_nalagodyty_zbir_pateru_u_budynku_dosvid_osbb_82887.html#sthash.JzOh6Kxp.dpuf

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