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Energy efficiency at Kharkiv-based companies - European practice

IMG 6811.jpg 1“We have been empowered with a special mission to demonstrate people that systemic approach does produce benefit whatever activity or issue one has chosen to deal with”, reported Serhii Khudobin, Project coordinator in Kharkiv region. “It is absolutely obvious everybody is aware of urgent need to modernize production lines thus guaranteeing good and substantial profit. Kharkiv region has been traced with positive reputation of the one pertaining high-skilled professional staff capable to address any challenge. However, in the course of time we all are getting used to many things around us and lose our “sharp eye”, our capability to see that changes have already become a “must have” need today; moreover, maybe we’re even running late with these changes. And here we show up! We can help and provide necessary tips. It should be noted that scientists and engineers’ involvement in conducting technical audits is a good chance to get a part-time job. That is why we do invite such professionals to join our National Expert Pool. All they need to do is get trained and get certified. The first expert pool team has been already trained, but as long as we keep on expanding our clients’ database, we foresee we’ll need more and more experts.

Would like to focus that an Expert Pool on energy efficiency will be formed up really soon with further informing the authorities of the Kharkiv region. By now the results are quite promising – we have negotiated with 25 major enterprises in the city and the region. We have assisted the Kharkiv-based tractor plant, JSC “Svet Shakhtaria”, public corporation “Turboatom” and state enterprise “Malyshev Plant”.

Link for details: http://www.sq.com.ua/rus/news/novosti/23.11.2017/missionery_energoeffektivnosti_evropeyskiy_opyt_na_harkovskih_predpriyatiyah/

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